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Building Up the Layers

Building Up the Layers

Solar Printmaking with Mindy Stutzman

What kind of an art form is collagraph printing? What is the relationship between the layers of textures built into a plate? How can we use natural materials to create art? Adamoy taught campers how to build low relief printing plates using textures and materials from nature and used solar energy to create non-toxic plate etchings.

Students: Jellyfish, Yuki, Henna, Minion, Squidgy, Lyly, Onesta, Rain. Soccer, Adverb, Graphite, Backspace, DreamCatcher, Wil’ Child, Pitbull, Big Bunda, Primrose, Daddy’s Princess, Off Brand, Cappuccino, Woodstock, Rookie, Zebra, River, Wolf, Pocket, Super Boy, Anonymous

Location: Studio B at the Caldera Arts Center

Year: 2016













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