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Human Sun Dial

Human Sun Dial

Sculpture with Crystal Schenk & Shelby Davis

What does it look like for artistic creation to be a collaborative process, where each person contributes one piece to the whole? Using their creativity and lots of clay and concrete, what started as brainstorms and sketches became clay molds and eventually concrete sculptures that are now permanently part of the landscape at the Arts Center. Magpie and Precious Cub guided the students to explore and incorporate into their sculptures images with personal meaning that provide a sense of strength or identity.

Students: Jellyfish, Hulk, The.Wav, Mocha, Eagle, Cactus, Cocoa Butter, Lyly, Pumzy, Rain, Mouse, Ladybug, Mandala, Backspace, Buckets, Pitbull, Boss, DC, The Verb, Lillith, Kit Kat, Senpai, Slender, Off Brand, Jaguar, Dinosaurs, Iris, Warlock, Spiderman

Location: The Hearth Courtyard at the Caldera Arts Center

Year: 2016







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