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Oranges in Seventeen Acts

Oranges in Seventeen Acts

with Kerri Rosenstein, 2008 Artist in Residence, and Sam Slater

The class included a series of individual and collaborative project-based initiatives facilitated to encourage creative and critical thinking. Students were encouraged to expand their perspectives of approaching art through the exploration of materials, environment, language, documentation and collaboration. They gained self-confidence and artistic voice through play and problem solving as they responded to their own interpretations of loose parameters established by the instructors and the group. ORANGES is an interdisciplinary arts course that integrates art disciplines/mediums with challenge course philosophy, as well as outdoor adventure. This particular project challenged the students to “turn 2-D into 3-D” with black-and-white photography.

Students: Scrap, Kit Kat, Neon, Ladybug, Poodles, Capain, Pumzy, Lil Mac, Adverb, Replay, Bug, Iris, Jellyfish, Jewel, Kool Aid, Rain, Pitbull, Woodstock, Veatrix, Nemesis, L.A., Coco Butter, Splash, R2D2, Slender, Cactus, Hicks, Soccer, Ziggy, the wav, Superboy, Primrose, Laflor, Buckets, Tiger, Bambi, Backspace, Hulk, DC, Matrix, Snowflake, Inside Out, Shark Boy, The Grouch, Jaguar, ‘Wil Child. Assisted by: Dot and Oddstein.

Location: Hearth Building

Year: 2014