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The Animal I Am

The Animal I Am

3-D Paper Sculpture Masks with Amy Burtelow, Central Oregon Middle School Mentor

In Caldera’s middle school classes with Central Oregon Middle School Mentor, Amy Burtelow, students chose animals they most closely identified with and made three-dimensional paper sculpture masks of those animals. They decorated the masks, posed as their chosen animal while wearing the masks, and took portrait photos of one another. Students were challenged to create a visual representation of what the mask says about them and were asked to embody the connection between themselves and the animal represented by the mask. They then wrote stories about life as their animal.

Students: All Central Oregon middle school students. Featured works by Riddlebox, Wince, Alyssa, JadenSky, Natalie, Cydnie.

Location: Mentoring Classes at Caldera Arts Partner Middle Schools

Year: 2015







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