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Art + Geology

Art + Geology

UNDERSTANDING AND INTERRUPTING CALDERA’S LANDSCAPE With Andy Meyers, 2013 Artist in Residence, and Daniele McKay

A variety of maps were introduced to students and the group discussed what maps tell us about the world. Then the group went outside and discussed the local geology. Students made personal observations in notebooks, including sketches and a cross section of Blue Lake. Students returned to the studio to talk about what they observed in the field, and to collaborate on a group project that focused on constructing a cross section of Blue Lake with an emphasis on geology and artistic interpretation. Students: Radin, Motor Mouse, Bobcat, Jewel, River Song, Messi, Firefly, Mr. Biggle Bunns, Shadow, Condor, Yuki, Iris. Created by: Motor Mouse, Husky, Sponge Bob, Firefly, The Guy in the Corner, Bobcat, Oshawatt

Location: Spring Intensive at Caldera

Year: 2014


Our Process