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Healing Flags

Healing Flags

Textile Art / Fabric Cordage with Kaila Farrell-Smith

Sweetgrass asked students “Does making art help you feel better? How does making art help you process your thoughts and emotions and express yourself? Does learning to make art with others help you build friendships?” After reflecting on these questions, Kalia guided students in a hands-on community art making project that brought students together utilizing drawing, printmaking, weaving, sewing, and craft processes to learn about Indigenous art forms of the Columbia River Plateau. Then they made flags of their individual personal expression.

At the Museum at Warm Springs students learned about Indigenous petroglyph and pictograph designs that are around Nchi’ Wana (Columbia River) areas. They used this knowledge, cultural context, and inspiration from the artwork to create their own designs on fabric flags. They also learned to make cordage, or ropes, and sew their flags onto the ropes. The flags later joined The Culture of We exhibition at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, and were featured at the Central Oregon Student Showcase.

Students: Narwhal, Cookie Dough, Campain, Katze, Lillith, River, Bug, Hope Word, Nemesis, Nightmare Mist, Hanimal, Jello, Rainbow Dash, MLA, CD, Silent Wolf

Location: The Museum at Warm Springs

Year: 2016







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