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Look Out. Look In.

Look Out. Look In.

Spoken-Word Poetry with Jason Graham aka MOWO, Teaching Artist

Teaching artist, spoken-word poet, and musician Jason Graham, a.k.a. MOWO, taught students to create original poems for a presentation based on the question: How does my internal world reflect/connect to my external world? Students created a draft of their final poem that included a comprehensive use of metaphor and simile. They used analogy to draw a comparison between themselves and their natural surroundings. The activities led students on an exploration of self through the external world.

Students: Angel, Cowboy, Hanimal, Prodigy, Scrap, Snake, Veatrix, Narwhal, Yuki, Bug, River, Siia, Kyo, Lillith.

Location: Spring Weekend Intensive at the Caldera Arts Center on Blue Lake

Year: 2015


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