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Fish Mandala

Fish Mandala

Printmaking with Roger Peet, Teaching Artist and 2013 Artist in Residence

Artist in residence Roger Peet created a mandala shape from linoleum with a carving of a fish for Caldera’s Fall Intensive. He then asked students to take shapes that fit around the mandala and make their own carvings using linoleum, all related to the fish in the center. The mandala was fit back together, ink was distributed over the linoleum, paper was laid on top, and then everyone walked on the paper in order to print the mandala image. Many prints were made, and each student made prints of their own image.

Students: Anona, Campain, Hannah, Hunter, Melissa, River, SCP-173, Wild Horse.

Location: Fall Weekend Intensive at The Museum at Warm Springs

Year: 2015


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