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Wild Word Collage

Wild Word Collage

Poetry & Photography with Jessica Armstrong, Central Oregon High School Mentor, and Elizabeth Quinn, Artists in Residence Director

Caldera High School Mentor Jessica Armstrong and Artists in Residence Director Elizabeth Quinn led a high school Saturday workshop, where students created collage poems. Each student had just a couple minutes to read through a book and select a sentence or line. They then put the book down, chose a different book, and selected another sentence or line. They repeated the process and then were given time to move words and sentences and make edits to create their own poem. They read these aloud, then chose a line from their poem, wrote it out and took photos of the lines.

Students: Hanimal, Cookie Dough, Keaunu, Inez, Campgain, Smith Rock.

Location: High School Saturday Workshop at Atelier 6000 in Bend

Year: 2015









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