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Big Up Show

Big Up Show

TV Production / Culinary Art / Screen Printing with Aaron Nigel Smith & Billy Miller

Portland High School Students had a chance to design their own TV show during this workshop series. Students explored screenwriting, filming, directing, lighting, and being on camera. Segments filmed included a cooking show and screen printing of the Big Up logo. The project continued at Portland Community Media where students filmed a live pilot of the peace-promoting show during the 2016 Portland Spring Weekend Intensive.

Students: Rain, Night Cloud, Tansy, Mini-Mi, Tsunami, Star Fire, Jaguar, Backspace, Flutter, Daphne, Lil Red, Curly Fri, Mad Man, Rocky, RPG, Mars, Wolf, McLovin’, April, Primrose, Wan, Mouse, Sage

Location: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Community Media

Year: 2016

Video Coming Soon

Our Process