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Common Ground

Common Ground

Collaborative Mural / Acrylic Painting with Ramon Shiloh and Scott Erwert

Together with Story Man and Slice students planned, designed, and painted a series of four collaborative murals. Students began by picking five words to represent themselves individually. Next, they brainstormed different ways to illustrate these words. Over the course of four workshop days, students shared ideas and discussed ways to combine their images. Common Ground is a community collage, with the thought and work of many young artists combining into one shared story. These murals are now installed in Caldera’s office.

Students: Lil Red, Hulk, Stretch, Curly Fri, Void Walker, Crafter, Mars, Night Cloud, McLovin, Backspace, Skin Walker, Gidget

Location: The Caldera Office

Year: 2016





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