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with Kevin Foxe and Zen Freese

Students met at the Caldera office for a check-in and a quick primer on documentary filmmaking and the use of GoPro cameras. Students then loaded into the van and began shooting video as they drove from downtown Portland to the Columbia River Gorge on the Historic Columbia River Highway. Our first stop was Vista House. Students collected shots of the gorge and distant shores of Washington. Next, we drove to the Latourell Falls trailhead and explored a 2.5-mile loop that led past multiple waterfalls and followed a flowing river. Students were instructed along the way in collecting dynamic moving shots and using natural lighting appropriately. At the upper falls, students plunged the waterproof cameras underwater for sweeping shots of the aquatic world.

Students: Batman, Foxx, Lil Red, and Tsunami.

Location: High School Workshop at Latourell Falls

Year: 2014

Latourell Hike

Using GoPro cameras, Batman, Foxx, Lil Red, and Tsunami battled the winds of the Columbia Gorge to explore and document the beauty of Latourell Falls.