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The Culture of We

The Culture of We

Still-Life Painting / Exhibition with Jeff Leake & Paula Bullwinkel

The Culture of We was an exhibition of student artwork presented as a companion exhibition to Fallen Fruit’s Paradise at the Portland Art Museum. For the exhibition Caldera high school students created still life paintings on canvas. The paintings depict important objects connected to the students’ family stories and histories.
Along with painting, students also created a podcast episode about the Fallen Fruit exhibit, “A Day in Paradise.” The podcast was broadcasted on KBOO in Portland and can be heard here.
Click here to learn more about the Fallen Fruit of Portland project.

Students: Tuna, McLovin, Gidget, Wan, Kano, Cookie Dough, Narwhal, Nemesis, Hanimal, Snake, Backspace, King, Lil Red, Mini-Mi, Nightcould, Ziggy/Spiderman, Flutter

Location: Wieden+Kennedy Gallery

Year: 2016












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