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Urban Fruit Trails

Urban Fruit Trails

Painting / Fruit Tree Planting with Fallen Fruit

Led by Fallen Fruit an artist collaboration made up for David Allen Burns and Austin Young, Urban Fruit Trail is an installation and public planting of approximately 100 fruit trees in community gardens, private homes, churches and businesses that allow public access to fruit.

Inspired by local artist, Larry Yes’ Positive Words installation, Caldera worked with Larry Yes and the students, staff and families of Peninsula K-8 to create and install over 100 hand-painted, multi-lingual signs of encouragement for the fruit trees that were planted along the Urban Fruit Trail. Caldera high school students helped distribute and plant the fruit trees during the 2015 Fall Weekend Intensive. Along with the 30 trees planted at Open School, community members adopted trees for their yards and gardens and planted them in places where they are accessible to the public.

Urban Fruit Trail was created in partnership with: Portland Fruit Tree Project, Friends of Trees, Know Your City, Oregon Food Bank, Portland Art Museum, Root Pouch, Concordia University, Open School North.

Students: All Peninsula School Caldera Students and Warlock, D.C., Nightcloud, the.Wav, Amor, Curly Fri, Backspace, Raia, Lil Red, El-Tigre, Jaguar, Mouse

Location: Peninsula K-8 and Open School North

Year: 2016





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