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Vertebrate Stop Motion Animation

Vertebrate Stop Motion Animation

Animated GIFs with Randall Malcolm, Portland High School Mentor

Caldera’s high school mentor, Randall Malcolm, took high school students on a tour of Portland State University’s Vertebrate Biology Museum. They handled and studied skeletal specimens from a wide range of animals considering the “form follows function” concept of design. They discussed comparative wildlife anatomy of everything from monkeys and whales to snakes and humans. Students drew and photographed their favorite species for publication in the “Honoring Our Rivers” youth anthology and created stop animation film shorts. They were also introduced to post secondary pathways in animal science.

Students: Eagle, Lil Red, Night Cloud, Curly Fri, Mini-Mi, King, Eli Tigre, Dapper, Wyvern, Mad Man, Shadow Star, Selky, Daphne, Tinkerbell, Haxorus, BeaDazzle, Paris, Lil Panda

Location: High School Saturday Workshop at Portland State University

Year: 2015












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