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Message From Caldera Executive Director on Organizational Restructure

I’m writing to announce some recent decisions that reflect our desire to meet strategic goals and needs, and fulfill our mission long-term. This new direction involves staff changes that are the result of an organizational re-structure and have the full support of our board.
The following positions are no longer part of our organizational structure as of December 1: Development Director and Communication Director. This brought to an end the successful tenures of Michelle Meyer and Elia Unverzagt in the positions they held.
I’d like to extend thanks and appreciation to both of them for their dedication, commitment, and hard work. Michelle built our development team and raised essential resources to support Caldera students, alumni, mentors and artists. Elia developed and maintained our communication work and successfully promoted our mission and programs in print, online and through social media.
Additionally, our Program Director Elizabeth Quinn will transition into a Central Oregon-based position in 2018. She will maintain her role as a director, helping us engage, maintain, and build program and other relationships in the local community, She is looking forward to spending more time locally.  
This new direction/restructuring will allow us to create a new director-level position in 2018 with responsibility for both communications and development. The search for this position will be public, and a timeline and position description for the search are being developed. Longer-term, this restructuring is designed to help us better align resources with the goals and objectives outlined in our strategic framework.
Thank you for your understanding and support during this time of transition and new direction. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly 503-937-3063 or brian.detman@calderaarts.org if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited for what’s to come, and extend our best wishes to Elia and Michelle.
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