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Caldera’s February Open Studios

Posted on: March 19th, 2012

This weekend Caldera will be hosting the final Open Studio of the season at Blue Lake in Sisters from 1:00 pm to 3:00 PM. 

The warmth of the Hearth Building’s fireplaces welcomed more than 30 people to enjoy a day of art, literature and theater at Open Studios on Saturday, February 25.

Snow swirled at the windows of the Library as writer, Leanne Hall dressed in white robes and wearing a long white wig started the afternoon’s event off with a reading about a boy being rowed across a river by the Ferryman’s daughter to the “other.” Following her was poet Harvey Hix who elegantly recited John Yeats poem “Ode to a Nightingale” and then read his own mesmerizing poem about a shocking modern incident.

Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) followed explaining their production about the founders of American spiritualism, the Fox sisters. Kate Sanderson Holly told the audience how Caldera gave PETE focused time to develop their play while at Caldera. Having been to Caldera twice before, Holly told the audience, “each performance we work on at this facility seems to adapt to and enliven our work.” The recreation of séances and acting as ghosts during windy nights at Caldera “gave all the residents the creeps,” Holly said laughing. She then presented the process for which PETE formulated their production and directed the audience to look at videos and photos of their work from the month.

Next painters, Erin Beaver Valentine and Erik Petersen, spoke about their approaches to painting and the freedom and rich influence Caldera gave to their processes over the last month. “If Heaven exists, I hope Caldera is a part of it,” said Petersen. Valentine went on to tell of her experience teaching a workshop to Caldera’s central Oregon high school students one Saturday during her residency. “I realized right away that Caldera students’ creativity was far more mature than any college students I have worked with.” Following the reading and talks everyone braved the blowing snow and visited Petersen and Valentine’s studios for interactive activities, exhibits and more conversation with all of the residents.

The next Open Studios is set for this weekend March 24 from 1 – 3PM at the Caldera Arts Center. For more information on all 2012 Caldera residents, visit our roster page here.

Scenes from February Open Studio and artwork by March Artist in Residents: Jeri Flom (Fiber) and Vanessa Renwick (Installation.)