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The following are gifts received July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. All Gifts to Caldera are greatly appreciated. To make a donation click here or call (503) 937-3061.

Oregon Arts CommissionCultural TrustFord FamilyMeyer21st Century CSC
Art WorksNational Arts and Humanities Youth Program AwardsOregon Community FoundationCollins Foundation
Spirit Mountain Community FundMiller Foundation

Individual and Corporate Support



Bill and Jane Furman

David and Sherri Luhr

Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden

The Greenbrier Companies




Trudy Brennan and William White

Cindy and Duncan Campbell

Kathy and Frank Deggendorfer

Karrelle and Vanessa Dixon

Mark and Ann Edlen

James Jeddeloh and Diane Snedecor

Bob and Dinah McCall

Barbara and Duane McDougall

Charlie and Kelly Thiel

Robert and Mary Anne Woodell

Apple, Inc.

Dynamic Consulting





Bill and Karen Davenport

Colleen DeCourcy

Bob and Carolyn Dietz

James Gregory

Susan Hoffman and Fred Trullinger

John and Janet Jay

Cristy Lanfri

Chris Riley

Al Solheim

Diana Tomseth

Amy Tykeson and John Teller

Jody Ward

Tamira and Peter Wiedensmith

Deschutes Brewery

Don Tankersley Construction

KeyBank National Association

Robins LLC




Rich and Sherry Bader

Spencer and Jane Beebe

Tom and Martha Blessington

Tim and Mary Boyle

Richard Brown and Susan Strom

Gene and Cande Buccola

David Chen

Mary and Geoffrey Crow

Reme DeBisschop

Debra Gerdes

Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland

Georgia and Chris Harker

Margaret Heater

Amber Higgins

Tony and Carla Hopson

Robert and Jennifer Kass

Sara Matarazzo

John and Sue Miller

René Mitchell

Danielle and Sanders Nye

Jared Pastega

Ken Pastega

Stan Renecker and Leslie Hering

Ann and Robert Sacks

Robert Sprouse

Mike Stringer

Butch and Caroline Swindells

Joan Tate Allen and Brian Allen

David and Christine Vernier

Bryan and Jessica Wieden

Dennis and Jean Wilde

10 Barrel Brewing, LLC

Alaska Airlines

Brooks Resources

CCS Direct LLC

Clif Bar & Company

Concordia University

Daddies Board Shop

Holland & Knight, LLP

Lange Winery

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Perkins & CO

The Standard

St. Charles Health System




Enrique Abreu

Tony and Christine Arnerich

Janet and Cliff Barry

Bob and Peggy Berwick

Jay and Teresa Bowerman

Patricia Brebner

Jerry and Cathy Brodie

Megan Brown

Deborah and Thom Brzoska

Claude Burgoyne and Vicki Smith

Gina Condon and Eric Cress

Gail Hayes Davis and Michael Davis

Kaaren and Harry Demorest

Brian Detman and Katherine Deumling

Jeanne and David Ellis

Christy Eugenis and Stan Amy

Nelson and Barbara Farris

Brian Ferriso and Amy Pellegrin

Debbie Gentling

Diana Gerding

Frank and Brenda Gibb

Jason Golding

Harold Goldstein

Nancy and Charles Hales

Dan and Sara Hobin

Sue and Mike Hollern

Rod and Andrea Holmquist

Eric and Keena Hormel

Pamela Hulse Andrews

Yves and Keesha Jean-Baptiste

Jeff and Kay Johnson

George and Molly Kalomiris

Keith Ketterling

Ron and Pam King

Wendy and Don Lange

Wes and Karen Lawrence

Julie and Dennis Mancini

Michelle Meyer and Carl Behrend

Lora and Jim Meyer

Charley and Lauri Miller

Jessica Monsey

Charles and Debbie Newport

Mary and Wayne Normand

Nancy and Izzy Oren

Anita Pace and Harriet Carpenter

Darren and Michael Powderly

Todd and Mariniah Prendergast

Gary and Susan Reynolds

Sally Russell

Henry Sayre and Sandy Brooke

Paul Schneider and Lauren Eulau

Harvey and Bobbie Smith

Tricia Snell and Dave Clingan

Amanda and Jeff Stuermer

Lynne and Bill Twist

William and Jessica Valentine

Chris Van Dyke and Christine Shihadeh

Dorothy Wieden

Cassie Wieden

Carolyn Wieden

Laura Wieden Blatner and Joe Blatner

Kirsten Wilde

Nancy Wilgenbusch

Richard and Diane Williams

Gary and Katie Withers

Erin Wriston

Doug and Jill Zanger

Awbrey Dental Group


Bigfoot Beverages

Brown & Brown Northwest

Durham & Bates


InFocus Eye Care

Miller Lumber

NIKE Employee Matching Gift

Northline Wealth Management

Old Mill District

PDX Contemporary Art

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Frank and Brenda Gibb


Spezza Construction




Diane and Mark Burnett

Rebecca Boley

Nancy Carlin

Alexandra and Dave Carney

Nicholas Davis

Rebecca and Michael DeCesaro

Gun Denhart

Lisa Dobey and Debbie Cole

John and Jane Emrick

Adolph and Carolyn Evans

China Forbes

Frank and Rebecca Groundwater

Aimee Guarriello and Michael Quesnell

Mary Gunther

Kirsten Heinz and Brian Garcia

Melissa and Brad Kent

Cass and David Kottkamp

Doug and Dawn LaPlace

Kevin Matheny and Joyce Keane

Elizabeth Mehren

Cynthia Owens and Gideon Hughes

Mark and Eileen Pilkenton

Sue D. Porter

Paulo Ribeiro

Mark Solon and Don Tankersley

Karen Steffen

David and Sally Sullivan

Chris Telfer

Brian Thomson

Kenneth Thrasher

Theresa Weil

Johnna Wells

Ian Whitlock

Vanessa and Jay Wilkins

Fran Willis and Ted Johnson

Brian Yaeger

Multnomah Whiskey Library

OnPoint Community Credit Union

The Standard Hotel East Village



Elaine Albrich

Jeremy Andersen

Maddie Andrews

Amanda Ashley

Jinnina Chiles

Rosemary Colliver and Frank Weiss

Kelly and David Cooks

Jason Didion and Natalie Davis

Kevney Dugan

Henry and Jan Failing

Sam Farmer

Ted Fettig and Kregg Arntson

Nick Flores

James Florschutz

Noelle and Rick Fredland

Eric and Jen Gabrielson

Mitch and Harriet Greenlick

Jim and Peyton Griffin

Tim and Tanya Hanlon

Gavin and Emily Hepp

Jeff and Joanne Kantor

Cynthia Kirk

Todd and Monica Looby

Elaine Mann

Joanne and Nelson Mathews

Maggie and John Michel

Billy Miller

Susan Parker

Sheryl and Steve Rudolph

Cassondra and Mike Schindler

Stacy N. Schulz

William Slater and Monica Hayes

Barbra Stevens

Paula Strom

Bill and Sheila Swanson

Nick and Kaari Vaughn

Sherrie Wieden White and Mike White

Jack and Christina Wieselman



Maryhill Winery

Mead Johnson Nutrition

NW Natural

Willamette Wine Storage

YourCause, LLC




Gina Anzaldo

Pippa Arend

Gayle Baker

Jane Barker

Cailín Bell Wold

Joshua Berger

Mario and Anne Bisio

Carol Boileau

Jennifer and Zak Boone

Anna Boteva

Christine Bourdette

Walker Cahall

Judy and Tom Campbell

Ed Campbell

Molly and Adam Carroll

Holly Chamberlain and Charles Mitchell

Linyee Chang

Patricia Clark

Brittney Clark

Christine Coffin

Sweet Pea and Chris Cole

Donna Cooper Hurt

Jim and Joan Croteau

Mary Felice Crowe

Sandy and Bruce Cummings

Hal and Kim Curtis

Foday Darboe

Shelby Davis and Crystal Schenk

Katherine Decker

Kathryn Dickinson

Bill Donahue

Janice and Greg Druian

Christine Dupres

David Dwyer

Amanda Dyson

Guy Featherstone

Nicola Fleming

Alan Ford

Teresa Fredericks and Megan Davis

Anna Fung

Steve Ganey

Giancarlo and Jessica Gatto

Pat and Marie Gibson

Charlotte and Scott Gilbride

Barb Gilson

Randy Gragg

Jenny and Tim Green

Bonnie Gretz

Jason Hagen

Diane Hall

Ms. Quinton Hallett

Jonathan Harris

Dawn Hendrix

Lyndsay Henn

Joe and Nancy Hertzberg

May Akira

Cynthia Hinkle

Leslie and Brian Hole

Caroline Hollister and Dave Dunn

Erin Holman

Julie Hotchkiss

Scott Howard and Lucy Kivel

Emily Huemann

Jackie Jeppe

Kate Kauffman and Bren Trask

Shasta Kearns Moore

Julie Keefe and John Klicker

Cassandra Kenney

Karen Kervin

Janis H Khorsi

Kirsten and Chris Kilchenstein

Barbara Kralj and Mark Matsler

Madeline Kramer

Debra Lane

Jon Larsen and Stefanie Murray

Stephanie Lawty

Irving Levin and Stephanie Fowler

Colin Little

Ruth Lovegren

Pamela Lovegren

Anne Mansfield and Dan Tidwell

Judith Marantz-Herzberg

John Margerum

Rick Martson

Gina McClard

Robert McDonald

Diane Millemann

Olivia Mitchell

Jerry Monteith and Mary Ellen Watkin

Jan Moore

Edgar Morales

Joe Moreno

Romy Mortensen and Jade Mayer

Martha Murray

Thomas and Debra Murray

Andrea Nelsen

Benjamin O’Brien

Brian and Jenni O’Keefe

Kate O’Neill and Dell Herreid

Kathleen O’Neill

Erin Peters and Martin Salinsky

Erik Peterson

Alley Pezanoski-Browne

Jeffrey and Jane Pinneo

Nancy Pitt

Lillian Pitt

Joe Plass

David Pollack

Anne Prescott

Elizabeth Quinn and Edward Schmidt

Randy and Susanne Redfield

Angela Reid

Ashley Renfrew

Bertha Rogers

Emily Roth

Kristen Sagan

Karena Salmond

Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Heather Schermerhorn

Kelly Scheuerman

Robert Schlichting and Michele Miller

John Schrag and Karen Torry

Neil Severson

Susan Shugerman and Joseph Mann

Barbara Slater

Heather Schermerhorn

Mark Smith and Shawn Cannon

Jefferson Smith and Katy Lesowski-Smith

Aaron N. Smith

Marna Stalcup and Tim Drilling

Jody Stark

Sarah Stein

Greg Steinke

Mark Stephan

Willadean and Jerry Stonelake

Karen Story and Greg Mockford

Dave and Lynda Sullivan

Pradeep Tempalli

Jason TenBrook

David Terry and Katherine Longstreth

Ernesto Toskovic

Gregg and Nancy Townsley

Jonnathan Triton

Elia A. Unverzagt

Rod and Ann VanAllen

Elise Varga

Tiffany Vergara

Joshua Weinstein

Sara Whipple

Dana Whitelaw and Jason Albert

Jeffry Williams

Thomas and Anne Winner

Laura Winter

Linda Wisner

Chalayane Woodke and Brian Averill

David Woodworth

Susan Wright

Barney and Morri Wyckoff

Carlin and Rob Yamachika

Bend Pine Nursery

Campbell Consulting Group, Inc.

Cascade Arts and Entertainment

Jenny Green Gallery

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Government and Foundation Support


The Ford Family Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Oregon Arts Commission

The Oregon Community Foundation



The Betsy Priddy Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The Campbell Foundation

The Casey Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The Clabough Foundation

The Collins Foundation

Gray Family Foundation

KeyBank Foundation

Charlotte Martin Foundation

Oregon Cultural Trust

The Roundhouse Foundation

The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Trust Management Services, LLC



City Ranch Fund

The Bill Healy Foundation

The H.W. and D.C.H. Irwin Foundation

The Hampton Family Foundation

J & J Foundation

Oregon Department of Education

Regional Arts & Culture Council

The Renaissance Foundation

Schwab Charitable

The Starview Foundation

Tykeson Family Charitable Trust

U.S. Bank Foundation

Ward Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Juan Young Trust, Eastern Division



The Autzen Foundation

The Jackson Foundation

Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation

Starseed Foundation

Helen B. Sutherland Foundation



Bluestone Foundation

Demorest Family Foundation

Keeping the Arts

William and Emmy Lawrence Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Mancini Charitable Foundation

Meyer Memorial Trust

North Star Foundation

TJ Education Fund

Gary and Eileen Wehrle Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation



Gun and Tom Denhart Family Fund

Intel Foundation

Louisiana-Pacific Foundation

Russell Colgate Fund

Zoe Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation



Concannon-Lucero Foundation

Hutchins and Montague Fund

Kathleen Lewis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation



AmazonSmile Foundation

Cambia Health Foundation

The William Diebold and Deborah Freedberg Fund

GE Foundation

The McCall Survivors Trust

OSU Foundation

The Pew Charitable Trusts

William L. Price Charitable Foundation

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette