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Caldera’s Golden Spot Award Residency


Project Overview

Since 2011, Caldera has been honored to be one of several host sites in Oregon for The Ford Family Foundation’s “Golden Spot” residency, recognizing our Artists in Residence (AiR) Program’s distinctive environment and the consistent support we provide Oregon visual artists.

The Ford Family Foundation’s Golden Spot award supports residency programs in Oregon that provide opportunities for artists to explore or produce new work. As part of The Ford Family Foundation’s Visual Arts Program, Golden Spot works to enhance the quality of artistic endeavors and body of work by Oregon’s most promising visual artists. It also serves to improve Oregon’s visual arts ecology by making strategic investments in Oregon institutions such as Caldera. Fifty percent of the award funds support the operations of the residency program; the other fifty percent provides stipends to the selected artists to offset life and work expenses.

Golden Spot Recipients

Intisar Abioto* (Portland), mixed media/photography
Sadé Beasley (Portland), painting
Stephanie Fogel (Portland), painting
Daniel Granias (Portland), ceramics
Sabina Haque (Portland), mixed media
Tristan Irving* (Portland), painting
Timme Lu* (Portland), book arts/printmaking
Aviva McClure (Portland)
Theresia Munywoki* (Portland), mixed media
sidony o’neal (Portland), mixed media
Emma Rust* (Portland), illustration/comics
Pamela Santos (Portland), mixed media

May Cat (Portland), painting
Anna Gray (Portland), mixed media
Ryan Wilson Paulsen (Portland), mixed media
Jefferson Greene (Redmond), mixed media
Rubén García Marrufo (Portland), mixed media
Maximiliano (Portland), mixed media
Analise Smith (Portland), painting

John Akira Harrold* (Portland), printmaking
Daniela del Mar* (Portland), printmaking
Leila Haile* (Portland), mixed media
Camila Araya Pérez* (Portland), printmaking
Teresa Nguyen* (Portland), mixed media
Maya Vivas* (Portland), ceramics
Palmarin Merges (Portland), illustration
Carolina Pfister (Portland),mixed media
Nika Blasser (Pendleton), mixed media
Heather Sparks (Portland), mixed media

Luann Algoso* (Portland), mixed media
Demian DinéYazhi´* (Portland), mixed media
bart fitzgerald* (Portland), mixed media
Zoe Keller (Portland), illustration
Susan Murrell (La Grande), painting
Sharita Towne* (Portland), mixed media
Patricia Vázquez Gómez* (Portland), mixed media

Chris Cole* (Bend), painting and sculpture
Wynde Dyer* (Portland), mixed media
Anne Greenwood-Rioseco (Portland), mixed media
Alex Hirsch (Portland), painting and sculpture
Ryan Pierce (Portland), painting
Sharita Towne* (Portland), mixed media
MOsley WOtta* (Bend), painting

Kaila Farrell Smith (Portland), painting and sculpture
Bill Hoppe* (Bend), painting
Horatio Law (Portland), sculpture and installation
Aaron Lish* (Bend), sculpture and installation
Amanda Schoerer* (Portland), drawing, painting, and sculpture
Storm Tharp* (Portland), painting
John Whitten (Portland), photography and drawing

Baba Wagué Diakité* (Portland), ceramics and painting
James Florschutz* (Portland), sculpture
Eugenie Frerichs (Portland), photography
Carolyn Hopkins (Portland), sculpture and drawing
Jim Leisy (Portland), photography
Patti Martin Freeman* (Terrebonne), printmaking
Ben Rosenberg* (Portland), drawing and painting

Terry Gloeckler* (Bend), Drawing & Painting
Ryan LaBar* (Enterprise) Ceramics
Dana Lynn Louis* (Portland) Painting & Installation
Andy Myers* (Corvallis), Drawing
Whitney Nye* (Portland), Mixed Media

Rose Bond (Portland), film and installation
Vanessa Renwick, (Portland), Film, video and installation
Cynthia Lahti, (Portland), sculpture and drawing
Christine Bourdette, (Portland), painting and drawing
Midore Rose, (Portland), painting and installation

* Indicates artists who participated in Caldera’s Curated Golden Spot Residency

Annual Progressive Projects with Caldera’s Youth Program

All Golden Spot artists also participate in an annual Progressive Project that provides an opportunity for Caldera’s mentors and high school participants to collaborate with these professional artists on projects ranging from ceramic platters to wood sculptures. Working side-by-side offers a unique learning experience for youth and residents alike and exploring a new medium collaboratively requires trust, support, and risk for all involved. An individual artist’s creative process can be viewed as a dialogue between the artist and the work of art, and the works created in our Progressive Project series have the potential to spark powerful community conversations.

2016: Progressive Quiltmaking


Facilitated by AiR Wynde Dyer, Caldera Central Oregon high school students worked side-by-side with AiR to create a collaborative tarp quilt and individual tarp quilt blocks. Students and artists worked at Caldera over an afternoon cutting shapes and adhering them to a background tarp, layering different elements over others to make an eclectic quilt that was displayed in Sisters during the Sisters Quilt Festival.

2015: Progressive Painting Project

Progressive Painting Project

In 2015, Central Oregon high school students and AiR participated in a progressive painting project at Caldera. Each person had ten minutes to work on a panel and at the end of the ten minutes, everyone moved to the panel on their right. Each participant worked on every panel to create the final collaborative paintings.

2014: Progressive Sculpture Project

Progressive Sculpture Project

Teams of Central Oregon high school students and AiR worked together at Caldera to create individual sculptures that were then combined into a larger group sculpture. Students and artists together made decisions about how the individual sculptures were combined to create the final artwork.

2013: Progressive Platter Project

2013 Progressive Platter Project

The first in our progressive series, platters were thrown by AiR Ryan LaBar. In the Grand Room at our Arts Center’s Hearth Building, Central Oregon students and AiR decorated each platter by carving into them and painting them with glaze. Each person had a limited amount of time at a platter. When the time was up, people moved to the next platter and added to what was done by the person before them.

Pacific Northwest Artists in Residence Summit

PNW AIR Summit

On September 23-25, 2011, Caldera convened Northwest Artist in Residence Programs from Oregon and Washington at our Arts Center in an “NW AiR Summit.”  With the support of our first Golden Spot award, we brought together colleagues and examined ways we could collaborate. Attended by eleven Northwest Artists in Residence Programs and five funding representatives interested in the field of residency programs, participants shared successful ideas related to marketing, board development, evaluation, and AiR and program administration.

The Summit spawned a network of organizations we named the Cascadia Artist in Residence Network (CAiRN) , which continues communication and regular meetings to promote collaborations and share best practices.

Participating Residency Organizations
Caldera, Sisters, Oregon
Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, Pendleton, Oregon
Disjecta Interdisciplinary Arts Center, Portland, Oregon
Fishtrap, Joseph, Oregon
Hedgebrook, Whidbey Island, Washington
Hypatia-in-the-Woods, Shelton, Washington
IslandWood, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Playa, Summer Lake, Oregon
Signal Fire, La Grande, Oregon
Sitka Center for Art and the Ecology, Otis, Oregon
The Spring Creek Project, Corvallis, Oregon

Participating Arts Supporters
Representatives from five supporting organizations joined us to introduce themselves and their funding foundations. This gave the participating AiR organizations the opportunity to explore how they could align their goals and missions with the goals and missions of these supporting organizations:

The Ford Family Foundation
Oregon Art Commission
The Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Cultural Trust
Washington State Arts Commission

About The Ford Family Foundation

The Ford Family Foundation was established in 1957 by Kenneth W. and Hallie E. Ford. Its mission is “successful citizens and vital rural communities” in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. The Foundation is located in Roseburg, Oregon, with a Scholarship office in Eugene. For more information about the Foundation and its Visual Arts Program please visit www.tfff.org.