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Caldera Aligns Investments with Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles

Julie Keefe 2Last year, in a move to better align Caldera’s financial activities with our core values as an organization, Caldera moved the organization’s endowments into investments honoring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. The primary purpose of this move was to help create in the world, with our financial power, the kind of future we envision for our youth: that is, a future that embraces creative growth and opportunity for all, health for the planet and for individuals, and equity and inclusiveness in our society.

Caldera owns two endowments: one is a board-managed fund for a variety of purposes, and the second is an endowment specifically designed to support the expenses of Caldera’s beautiful Arts Center in Central Oregon. (This means that every donation to Caldera goes to our Youth Program.)

Caldera invited a variety of banking and investment managing firms to make proposals for handling our investments utilizing ESG principles, ultimately selecting The CAPROCK Group investment management company due to their experience in the ESG field. Our investments now exclude any companies involved with coal, fracking, factory farming, predatory lending, private prisons, civilian firearms, and tobacco. Caldera has also selected two alternative impact investments.
A primary goal, of course, is to retain our return on our investments, and while it is too soon to accurately predict our outcomes, Caprock Group tracks our investments according to a variety of traditional indices, ensuring that Caldera’s financial strength continues to grow in a way that supports our programs and fiscal sustainability.
Caldera is fortunate to have Dave Chen on our board; as Principal of Equilibrium Capital, he is an international leader in investments that simultaneously deliver both strong returns and positive impacts on society and the environment. He has worked closely with Caldera’s Executive Director and Finance Committee to affect this change.
We are proud of this important work, and as we move forward in the upcoming years, Caldera will continue to assess how our business practices align with our overarching values. It is, we feel, the wave of the future!
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