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Caldera and José Parlá Create Magic

Please take a few minutes to watch world-renowned artist, José Parlá, and Caldera youth talk their recent collaboration in Portland. 


Jose poignantly points out to the students, “When you’re young, there are a lot of interruptions – everything from school to family, but if you know you’re really passionate about something, associate with people around that and seek out positivity. Engage your passion, stay focused, and don’t allow bad influences to take you off your path.”
We’re extremely grateful for José Parlá’s positive influence on our youth, and we’re thrilled to announce that we have another brilliantly creative artist, Rohitash Rao, joining us for a student workshop next year. Rao will bring his experiences as an art director, animator, illustrator, and film director to share and inspire Caldera youth.
It is through generous donations like yours (and the curation and hosting by John Jay and GX) that Caldera is able to provide opportunities like these that encourage students to express their unique individual creativity.
Please make a donation today so that Caldera youth can continue inspiring the world!


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