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Caldera Chai with Steven Smith Teamaker


TWIST, Caldera, and Steven Smith Teamaker came together in spring 2010 for a unique workshop as a part of Caldera’s Creative Industry Partner Initiative. A group of Caldera high school students from Central Oregon and Portland worked closely with teamaker Steven Smith to design a unique Caldera Chai blend.

The students each created their own blend of chai, using various black teas and spices. They then conducted a secret taste test to find the blend they liked best. The final formula (concocted by student, IDK) became the signature “Caldera Chai” blend. After the workshop, Steven re-created the blend for a limited 100-box series. The students and the Smith Teamaker team packaged all of the tea that was sold at TWIST. 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of Caldera Chai was donated back to support Caldera!

Below is a short film about the production of Caldera Chai.


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