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Caldera’s New Student Innovation Team


Student Perspective: Innovator Portrait Project


The Innovator Team is a group of 16 of our oldest and longest participating students in the Caldera program. Each Innovator is seen as a leader in the Caldera community, whether he or she is a quiet leader or a loud leader.


The Innovation Team is responsible for helping to plan monthly events during the school year, helping other students stay connected to the program, contributing to the Caldera Student Blog and participating in special projects.


The first project we were assigned was the Perspective Project. During one of our first Innovation Team meetings, Teafly, our mentor, asked us to create a photographic portrait of how we would like to be seen or how we see ourselves. We started by writing “I Am” statements, poetry, and sketched images of what we felt our photos should look like.  After we all thought about a few different ways to be seen, we were given one last challenge.


Teafly asked the Portland Innovators to line-up in one line facing the Central Oregon Innovators who were in a matching line. Teafly then let us know that we were to partner with the person facing us. We were asked, as a team, to create a portrait that represented both of us.


For our individual photographs, many Innovators wanted to be seen connecting with the river, the forest, or on the swings. For our partner photos, we went far and wide, from the sun to the earth.


Taking the photographs was not the hard part, but rather the challenge was coming up with an idea that both partners agreed on, even if the idea was “We are different”.


We want people to see the challenge we as a team have overcome and how we connect together.


– Written by: Gum (Anna), Terrebonne, 16


Continue to read about our Innovation Team via their blog at calderastudentblog.tumblr.com


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