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The Geography We is a story.
It’s a story told by Caldera youth.
It’s a story that comes to life with voices, imagination, and creativity.
It’s a story of connection to Caldera, school, family, community, and each other.
It’s a story expressed through artwork and the power of the creative process.

Air is Earth's living breath. Birds hitch to the sky. Lungs fill, windmills turn, jungles and cities draw life from the sweep of the same invisible air. We glimpse it in the spilling colors of sunset and the heights of the northern lights. We can feel it and taste it when we run. Air is forever changing, forever filling in the dark and playing in the light. What makes you feel free as a bird? What do you want to release into the air?

The universe is born of fire. Some fires we conjure, some we capture, and some grow wild. Others transform. A forest begins to heal itself after a fire; a once-still volcano erupts with power and beauty; soft, moldable clay becomes a sturdy structure in the heat of a kiln. How do you transform? What sparks you? How are you a part of transformation around you?

The sun is central to all living things on Earth. It is constant.
We each move through life with a spark of sun inside us and our gathered light intensifies when we are together. Like the sun, we are dynamic and powerfully bright.
Where is your brilliance? What is your energy source? How do you respond to flares and outages in your power? How do you shine?

Life is wild, and it is all around us.
Among the animals, we learn to be tender, tough, and creative. Their beauty and diversity inspires us to great works of compassion and art. Wildlife helps us understand our unique position in the world–and to treasure nature everywhere it flourishes, even within ourselves.

The land is a great gift–and a great responsibility.
It has always been our home and our most important resource. Our food, our water and our shelter all come from the earth. Its beauty inspires us–from its soaring, snow-capped mountains and deep blue lakes to its vast plains and rolling green hills. There are new mysteries to discover every day in the ground beneath our feet.

Everybody’s Got a Little Light Under the Sun

Everybody’s Got a Little Light
Under the Sun

Poetry / Audio Recording / Printmaking with Turiya Autry

If the sun is a star and we are all made of stardust, how will we decide to shine? Good Sis challenged the campers to respond to this question by telling their unique stories across multiple mediums. Starting with written poetry, the students then translated their stories into audio recordings and prints. The recordings were featured on the KBOO Community Radio program The Underground.

Students: Amor, Flutter, Frosted Flakes, Kidd, Mad Man, McLovin, Neptunalis, Night Cloud, Patito, Randomocity, Replay, Songbird, Talavou

Location: The Annex at the Caldera Arts Center

Year: 2016



Amor Untitled








There will be bad days,

If for a moment you think no one knows what you are going through,

Dig a little deeper, look a little harder,

Because everyone has been victim to feeling useless.

Despite your greatest instincts telling yourself that you’re the only one,

you have to believe that they were wrong.


There will be grey days,  

But unless you reach up to scrape the dark smog away,

You will never find the moon and stars are waiting for you,

They were made for you.

Make your dreams lucid to the world,

Be as wild as the flower emerging from the cracks in the concrete,

Beautiful because it does not know it is not supposed to grow there.


There will be bad days,

Take a breath,

Open each hand slowly,

Now let go.




Frosted Flakes How Can You Illustrate Water




How Can You Illustrate Water


Frosted Flakes


How can you illustrate water?

It seems impossible because you can see it with your eyes

but its complicated to put it down on paper.


Maybe putting water down on paper could be lyrically

with how someone flows or literally

pouring a glass of water on a piece of paper.


I don’t know why this topic is on my mind…..

probably because I’m sitting

in front of this giant blue lake.





Neptunalis Untitled








I breathe

My lungs swell with an innumerable amount of particles

Within me, I now have everything that’s ever existed

Every soul that was ever born and any life that has ever passed

All is now within me


I reach

Together we reach for the stars

Alone I reach for what’s beyond

I have dreams of walking on Neptune

I have dreams that everything is me and me is everything


I breathe

My lungs relax to expel all that is not my own

Now I am only myself

but somehow I am still everything else.





Patito Behind a Beautiful Rose




Behind a Beautiful Rose




A rose so beautiful

So pure and so unique

A rose that can be related

To each and everyone of

Our lives

If only you were to look closely


The thorns represent the pain

And sorrows people go through

The stem symbolizes

That even though life can be rough

You can still grow from your experiences

Last but not least is the

Beautiful bloomed rose

Which means that

After all the good and bad

Moments in your life

You can still become

A Beautiful Rose





Replay Invisible Rules




Invisible Rules




We follow unsaid rules and don’t blink an eye

We’re taught cowgirls always cook and cowboys don’t cry

they say it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be fine

but these binaries are killing us, they make kids wanna die


We look in the mirror and change up our hair

to conform to sick rules we know that aren’t there

I want you to know this I want you to hear

these binaries are nightmares, these binaries are fear


Who said blue is for boys and pink is for girls

I just don’t understand how that conquered the world

kids getting bullied ‘cause they wear the wrong clothes

We’re hurtin’ each other for something so low

on the spectrum of things that matter at all

We telling boys to be monsters and girls to be dolls


What happened here that we let something so small

become something so huge that it brings us down to a crawl

A crawl towards equality, a crawl away from fear

It feels so far off but it still feels so near

we need to let go now we need to move around

because I’m telling you these binaries they’ll tear the world down.





Talavou Golden Hourglasses




Golden Hourglasses and Burning Watches




Time is infinite
A wide range, filled with
Hours to
Why not enjoy
The moments we have
Because a few seconds from now, is
For the
Why put a time on the
Each nook and cranny in the universe is home to
Never-ending possibilities
Dictating what happens next
So to label phases in the three short words
Is pointless
Why count up the hours when you are lonely,
Than have ‘time’ fly by while having fun?
So forget all the labels and just

While you are here
Someone is there, experiencing something different
“Are my observations out of date?”
Time zones
We aren’t all on the same page
In the same time
Does the hot sun,
Choose my destiny?
So while I stay here
Am I wasting
Precious time?
Are grains of sand falling
From a sacred hourglass
Ticking down
Until my time is up?


Our Process