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New Geography of We Workbook & Webpages Released


We’re excited to announce the release of our third Geography of We workbook and webpages! 


Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Geography of We tells the story of our youth’s journey through creative adventures focused on a year-long environmental theme. This year, during The Geography of We: The Sun–Our Solar Constant, youth focused on storytelling techniques that ranged from traditional forms to cutting-edge digital media. Professional artists in film, animation, photography, writing, music, painting, sculpture, and design guided students through the exploration of their creativity while focusing on a central theme of the sun.  


Click here to explore the newest layer of our Geography of We webpages. These pages showcase various projects and artwork created last year. We hope these pages will inspire you to create your own masterpieces with assistance from our newest Geography of We booklet. This booklet walks you through projects the youth participated in last year with writing prompts and ideas for making your own art. Click here for our Year 3 (July 2015 through June 2016): SUN–The Geography of We: The Sun–Our Solar Constant booklet. 


The Geography of We is Caldera’s ongoing multilayered, interdisciplinary project focused on deepening learning and offering variety over the seven-year period that Caldera works with youth in middle and high school. Each year, The Geography of We is focused on one of seven environmental themes.


You can view our past Geography of We workbooks here:


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