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One-Of-A-Kind Caldera Fire Opal Pendant and Earrings

Elia_certificates_Page_10From the outback of Australia to Portland, Oregon, an exquisite boutique Yowah matrix opal is the centerpiece of a custom-made pendant designed and created by Trios’ Studio exclusively for Caldera. The pendant exudes bright fire, which is complemented by Mexican fire opal accent stones, surrounded by solid gold elements. “When I looked at this opal, it reminded me of a Caldera with the red-and-orange fire breaking through the crust,” says Deborah Spencer, co-owner of Trios’ Studio. The Yowah opal pendant is supported by an oxidized sterling silver chain, ready to enhance any neckline.


Complementing this necklace is a pair of earrings made of matching oxidized sterling silver with 22K gold and Mexican fire opals. They also have a special feature: they’re adjustable. They can be worn as a simple hoop, dressed up with the dangling opals at one inch, or if you are feeling really exotic, they can be lengthened to two inches. These earrings are the perfect complement to the fiery Caldera necklace.


Package includes:

– Fire opal pendant necklace

– Matching adjustable fire opal earrings


Courtesy of Deborah Spencer & Trios’ Studio





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