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Oregon Arts Commission Awards Two Grants to Caldera

The Oregon Arts Commission granted Caldera with a $11,752 Operating Support grant and a $14,918 Arts Learning grant for fiscal year 2016-2017. The Commission dispersed over $1.4 million statewide between the two grants benefitting 132 arts organizations from Hillsboro to Oregon City. Caldera received the largest Arts Learning grant of any of the recipient organizations this year.


“We are delighted by the creativity and collaboration behind this year’s applications, and are confident that the education of thousands of students around the state will be enriched as a result,” said Arts Commission Chair Libby Unthank Tower. She also said that the purpose of the funding was to “alleviate some of the economic pressure and allow Oregon arts organizations to focus on their missions.”


The Operating Support grant supports the operation of Oregon’s leading arts groups and empowers them to ensure arts programming is accessible in all parts of the state. The Arts Learning grants support projects that expand opportunities for K-12 students to learn in and through the arts, filling critical gaps or expanding opportunities for learners. Grant applications were reviewed based on project quality and scope, project preparation, and evaluation of student learning.


The grant for Arts Learning will specifically support Caldera’s youth mentoring program. Based upon our annual Geography of We project, Caldera mentors and teaching artists lead youth from underserved communities in arts and environmental learning that ignites their creativity, self-awareness, and sense of self within Caldera, their communities, schools, and families. Each year is centered around an environmental theme; in 2016-2017 the theme will be “How Fire Sparks, Ignites, and Transforms,” allowing the students to explore the scientific and metaphorical properties of fire. The youth will work with mentors and arts professionals throughout the year, learning and performing transformation fire myths, using the charcoal from the forest fire near Caldera’s Blue Lake Arts Center to create drawings, and ruminating on what sparks, ignites, and transforms their creativity.


“This grant provides crucial support that allows us to deepen our program,” said Caldera Executive Director Tricia Snell. Caldera includes a full-time staff of 21 and integrates over 100 mentors, professional artist, and environmental specialists to facilitate youth programming each year. Students work with professional mentors and artists to tell their stories using transmedia arts and create individual and collaborative artwork in a variety of disciplines, including: dance, painting, drawing, podcasting, printmaking, spoken word, poetry, zine-making, drumming, design, digital illustration, music production, and mural arts.


The Oregon Arts Commission provides leadership, funding and arts programs through its grants, special initiatives and services. Nine commissioners, appointed by the Governor, determine arts needs and establish policies for public support of the arts. The Arts Commission became part of the Oregon Business Development Department in 1993 in recognition of the expanding role the arts play in the broader social, economic and educational arenas of Oregon. The Arts Commission is supported with general funds appropriated by the Oregon legislature, federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust. For more information, visit www.oregonartscommision.org.




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