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Students Explore Life Through Art with Caldera Spring Intensives

It’s Spring in Oregon, which means Caldera Spring Intensives are taking over Portland and Central Oregon. Twice a year Caldera creates a weekend of art intensives for both middle and high school students. With everything from t-shirt design to improv classes, students spend two full days submerged in art.

On March 17th and 18th, over 30 Portland middle and high school students (Central Oregon has their intensives the last weekend of April) gathered at Portland State University for the Intensives. Students can choose between eight workshops over two days.

In Portland, Caldera students worked with artist Erin Rosett to create inspirational banners. Their medium: sample material donated from Columbia Sportswear’s Fabric Library. Students could choose from dozens of patterns and materials and an assortment of feathers, ribbon, yarn, and buttons.

Rosett’s worskhop focused on positive messaging as well as giving students an insight into the fabrics that make the Columbia Sportswear line. (Read more below pictures.)

Students work with materials donated by Columbia Sporswear to create inspirational banners.

Another popular workshop is run by Super Lab Project, an Improv Non Profit. Super Lab Project isn’t new to Caldera. Super Lab Project wowed students during last year’s Fall Intensives and Caldera was excited to have the group back. Super Lab Project uses improv as a way to work with students on basic acting skills but also how to stay in the moment and stay positive. Improv teaches skills applicable to every day life like heightened listening, teamwork and problem solving. All while having a lot of fun.

Learn more about Super Project Lab and their partnership with Portland State University business students here.

Central Oregon students will have their own spring intensive this weekend, April 28 and 29.

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