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2016 marks Caldera’s 20th year as an organization!

We are incredibly grateful to all of you for your role (however big or small) in Caldera’s history, and we want to celebrate this milestone with you by gathering your stories. Who better to tell the stories of Caldera than all of you who have shared your dedication and creativity throughout the years? We couldn’t have reached this anniversary without you!

Please take a few minutes to reflect on your Caldera memories and experiences. Below are questions and opportunities to upload photos and videos to share your stories.
We’re collecting stories until August 15, 2016.

Also, do you keep in touch with other people you met through Caldera? Please forward the link to this form along to them and encourage them to participate.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • How were/are you connected to Caldera?

    Check all that apply
  • What year did you start
  • Drop files here or

Some more questions to help spark memories:

STORIES OF CREATIVITY—Express ourselves creatively.

  • Tell us about a memorable project you were a part of or a piece of artwork you created with Caldera. What did it mean to you? Do you still have it? Has that contributed to what you do now in your life?
  • Upload a photo or video.

STORIES OF CHANGE—Do things differently.

  • How has your Caldera experience inspired you? How did it affect you when you were involved and how does it impact your life now? How are you doing things differently because of your involvement in Caldera?
  • Upload a photo or video.

STORIES OF CONNECTION—Learn from people who are different from us.

  • Share a memory or story about when you learned from someone different from you at Caldera.
  • Upload a photo or video.

STORIES OF NATURE—Make friends with the living and natural world.

  • What’s your favorite place at our Arts Center? How have you connected to nature with Caldera and how does that connection continue to influence your life?
  • Upload a photo or video.


  • Tell us one of your favorite memories of Caldera.
  • Upload a photo or video.

STORIES OF COMMUNITY—Stay connected to the Caldera community.

  • What’s your favorite Caldera tradition?
  • Tell us about a friendship or connection you remember from your time with Caldera.
  • Upload up to three photos and two videos.


  • Who is someone that you’d like to thank and what would you say to them if they were sitting next to you? Send them a shout-out!
  • Upload a photo or video.

Anything else you want to tell us or the Caldera community? Additional photos or films from the past 20 years that you’d like to share?

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